Indoor video cycling for seniors


A fun, social and motivational virtual bike ride

4Mvideo is a video-based exercise system where you can go on 'virtual' bike tours with family and friends. The system is designed for seniors who want to complement other activities with indoor bicycle exercise. 4Mvideo is easy to use. It consists of a motion sensor, a library of cycling videos and an app for tablet computers. The video library contains videos from country side and urban areas in Denmark that all 4Mvideo users can exercise to. Cycling videos can also be filmed by friends and family and mixed with, for example, video greetings from children and grandchildren. 4Mvideo can make exercise fun, more social and extra motivating for seniors who wants to exercise indoors.

At home or in the gym

4Mvideo app works with a wireless cadence sensor. The sensor, which is mounted on the bicycle pedal, sends bicycle’s activity information to the 4Mvideo app. The video starts, stops and plays according to the pedal’s motion. The system does not require much space when used with a sofa bike or standard exercise bike. It can be used in your own home and it can also be brought to gym.

Hey Grandma! - want to join us for a ride?

Video library

4Mvideo continuously makes new cycling videos available for download from the video library. And videos can even be filmed by friends and family. 4Mvideo will publish the cycling videos for personal or public user after having processed video material,  correcting for shake and other quality issues.

Cycling videos are downloaded from the video library and added directly to the 4Mvideo app. Internet connection is only required during download and ride videos can  be enjoyed without an internet connection.

Connect to a large monitor

To view 4Mvideo on a TV, projector or computer monitor, use wireless connection or HDMI adaptor to connect the Tablet computer to the larger monitor.

4Mvideo basic facts

  • 4Mvideo is designed to make indoor cycling exercise  a motivational exercise experience for the whole family.
  • 4Mvideo is made for tablet computers and can be downloaded for free from Google Play. It will soon also be available on  Apple App Store

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The People behind

4Mvideo is founded on collaboration with the municipality of Gladsaxe’s unit for welfare technology, and a consortium of companies based in DTU Science Park, Kongens Lyngby, just north of Copenhagen.

The people behind 4Mvideo are:

Neurology specialist

Dr. Peter Michael Nielsen

Peter Michael Nielsen is neurology specialist and senior consultant at the Stroke Unit in Geriatric Department at Holbæk Hospital.

Peter Michael has been working with rehabilitation of elderly’s for more than 10 years. He is an inventor and developer of several patents through more than 25 years of research and development. Currently he is leading the R & D project HALF-SIS, which develops a patented innovative treatment method for pain and depression / anxiety, in collaboration with engineers from Aalborg University.

Hermes Traffic Intelligence

Lars Rosenberg Randleff

Hermes Traffic Intelligence has extensive knowledge of the development of IT systems, often being applied in projects related to traffic data. Hermes is responsible for the technical development of the 4Mvideo system.


Lars Rosenberg Randleff is CEO and also developer in the company. Lars has previously worked with software and systems development for telemedicine sector, as well as various industry application areas including sound and vibration measurement, electronic warfare, resource management in aviation and intelligent transport systems. Lars is a computer scientist from the University of Copenhagen and holds a PhD degree in Operations Research from the Danish Technical University.

Novedas Mitas

Erik Johannsen

Novedas Mitas works with innovation projects, business development and project management in Denmark, Germany and Japan. Novedas Mitas is a sister company in a German group of consulting companies named Novedas.


Erik Johannsen is CEO and entrepreneur in the company. Erik has a professional background from the international IT industry and extensive experience in product and business development, innovation, project management and sales and marketing. Erik has an Engineer degree and an E*MBA in Innovation and Technology Management from DTU Business (Technical University of Denmark).

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