Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The following describes how 4Mvideo IVS handles personal information that is collected and processed using the 4Mvideo website and in connection with the use of the 4Mvideo app, communication via email etc.


We collect and process a minimum of personal information. 


Personal information covers all information that can be used to identify a person, such as name, address, email address or other contact information.


In addition to the information that you enter yourself in connection with the use of the 4Mvideo app and registration to use our bicycle video systems, 4Mvideo may collect personal information about you in various ways, including:


  • By using cookies on our website.
  • By submitting information yourself, for example by answering a questionnaire or filling out a form on the website.
  • By joining one of 4Mvideo's events.
  • By using social media, suchas Facebook and LinkedIn, in connection with 4Mvideo's services, events, marketing of these or other communication with 4Mvideo.


In this connection, 4Mvideo may collect the following personal information, among other things:


  • Name, identification and contact information ( address, telephone number, email )
  • IP address, operating system information on your computer or mobile device and the browser selected.
  • Online activities on the website.
  • Your inquiries, responses to questionnaires or other forms, and other communication with 4Mvideo.Information about you from social media, including Facebook and LinkedIn.


4Mvideo does not process sensitive information about you.


What does 4Mvideo use for personal information? 


4Mvideo uses the information to target our marketing and offerings so that it is relevant to you and other users. We also use the information to provide our services to you (for example, when private bike performances and bicycle videos should be presented to you in the 4Mvideo app).


What is the legal basis for 4Mvideo processing your personal data? 


Our basis for processing your personal data is partly the Data Protection Regulation and partly our legitimate interests in understanding how our users and customers interact with our products, apps and websites , in order to improve their use and functionality, and the desire to target our communications and marketing efforts, and provide the service and information you require.


Who gives 4Mvideo personal information to? 


The personal information you provide to us on the website and other sites we operate is only used by 4Mvideo. 4Mvideo only discloses personal data to the extent required by law, for example to the police or authorities with the necessary legal basis. 4Mvideo uses data processors for, for example, web hosting and e-mailing.


Storing your personal information 


We will keep your personal information as long as your user account is active or for 5 years after submitting information or activity.


Your rights 


By law, you have a number of rights in relation to our processing of information about you:


  • Right of access: You have the right to gain access to the information we process about you, as well as a number of additional information.


  • Corrections and deletions: You have the right to have incorrect information about yourself corrected, and you have - in special cases - the right to have information about you deleted or the processing of your personal data restricted.


  • Objections: In some cases, you have the right to object to our processing of your personal data.You can also object to the processing of your information for direct marketing.


If you want to exercise your rights, contact us. See contact information below.


If you are dissatisfied with the way we process your personal data, you can appeal to the Data Inspectorate. You can read more about your rights and find the Data Inspectorate's contact information at

Privacy Policy Updates


4Mvideo IVS reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy from time to time, in connection with the release of new products, enhancements and changes to existing products, apps, websites, and in relation to changes in technology and legislation.


Who is the data controller and how do I get in touch with 4Mvideo?


4Mvideo IVS is the data controller for the processing of your information.


Our contact information is:


4Mvideo IVS, Diplomvej 381 
DK-2800 Kongens Lyngby 
Tel .: +45 22836040 
Email :


Our Data Protection Officer (DPO) can be contacted at if you have questions about the processing.